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In the far north, the Wall of Wonders stood tall as the sky. Isolating a world where guardians, beasts and diverse creatures exists in harmony. The Wall was unmoved and unscathed through the test of time. Until one fateful day, the wall cracked open and unveiled the unseen Northern World. Humanity received a grim reminder about the dangers of the unknown.

Challenge yourself! Summon the Guardians to be The Last Hope of Humanity!
Fight Garashid's curse! Form a squad and destroy the enemies.

This is your fate...

Game Features

◆ [NEW!!] Guild UPDATE!
Experience colossal battle with the toughest Guilds!

◆ Stand tall to be humanity's last hope

◆ Over 500,000 possible Team Combination

◆ Immense Story and Character Depth

◆ The Ultimate Fantasy Squad - Strategy & Plot

◆ Real Time Battle FEVER

Install instructions

Just simply download the game through Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. Once successfully downloaded, it also install and an app icon in your mobile phone appears. Enjoy playing!


Fantasy Squad The Era Begins_v1.3.6.apk 40 MB

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